Cover of the textbook Solutions Pre-Intermediate - Workbook

Textbook answers for Solutions Pre-Intermediate - Workbook

The key to exercise solutions for the textbook Solutions Pre-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Tim Falla and Paul A. Davies from Oxford University Press

IA - Likes and dislikes

IB - Contrast: present simple and present continuous

1B - Past simple (affirmative)

1D - Past simple (negative and interrogative)

1G - Narrating events

1H - A description of an event

2D - Contrast: past simple and past continuous

2G - Photo description

2H - An invitation

3D - must, mustn't and needn't / don't have to

3F - Disaster alert!

3G - Reaching an agreement

4D - Superlative adjectives, too and enough

4F - Survival story

4G - Photo comparison

5F - The worst jobs in the world?

5G - Choosing a job

5H - An application letter

6D - Contrast: past simple and present perfect

6F - Holidays without parents

7B - Second conditional

7E - Verb + infinitive or -ing form

7F - Billionaire lifestyle?

7G - Photo comparison and presentation

7H - An opinion essay

8F - A mysterious disappearance

8G - Photo description and comparison

8H - An email

9C - Intentions of the speaker

9E - Verb + preposition

9F - Inventions that save lives

9H - A formal letter

Cumulative Review 2 (Units I-3)

Cumulative Review 5 (Units I-9)