Cover of the textbook High Five 1

The key answer of exercise 8

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Workbook 2 - Grammar for the textbook High Five 1 with authors Philippa Bowen e Denis Delaney from Oxford University Press


Completa le domande con What, Who, How old, When o Where.


  1. When is Glee on TV? It's on Fridays.
  2. Where is Paris? It's in France.
  3. Who is Anna? She's my sister.
  4. Where are Rob and James? They're at the cinema.
  5. When's your birthday? It's in July.
  6. How old are your sisters? Amy's 12 and Jane's 14.
  7. What's the name of your dog? It's Dinah.
  8. Who's your English teacher? She's Mrs York.