Cover of the textbook Solutions Intermediate - Workbook

Textbook answers for Solutions Intermediate - Workbook

The key to exercise solutions for the textbook Solutions Intermediate - Workbook with authors Tim Falla and Paul A. Davies from Oxford University Press

ID - Articles, will and going to

1A - Ages and stages

2B - Present perfect and past simple contrast

2D - Present perfect simple and continuous

2E - Compound nouns and adjectives

2F - Sport changes lives

2G - Stimulus-based discussion

3D - Future continuous and future perfect

3G - Photo description

3H - An opinion essay

4A - Describing houses and homes

4G - Photo comparison and discussion

5F - Intelligent footballers

5G - Photo comparison

5H - An internet forum post

6D - Non-defining relative clauses

6H - A for and against essay

7A - Talking about the arts

7G - Photo comparison and role-play

7H - Article: a film review

8E - Verb patterns: reporting verbs

8G - Photo description

9B - Third conditional

9E - Verb patterns

9F - Miscalculations

9H - A formal letter

Cumulative Review 2 (Units I-3)

Cumulative Review 3 (Units I-5)

Cumulative Review 4 (Units I-7)

Cumulative Review 5 (Units I-9)