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The key answer of exercise 8

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 7.2 - More than words for the textbook Speakout Advanced Plus - Students' Book with authors Frances Eales and Steve Oakes from Pearson Education


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  2. Match the adverbs above with the adjectives below. Choose strong collocations.
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  4. Work in pairs and look at these extracts from eight different conversations. What are the people talking about? Which collocations could they use?



  • prohibitively expensive
  • fundamentally different
  • vitally important
  • hopelessly inadequate
  • bitterly disappointed
  • infinitely preferable
  • greatly admired
  • predominantly female


(Note: accept any other topics of conversation which seem reasonably possible)

  1. Discussion by interviewers about a candidate after the interview: hopelessly inadequate
  2. A conversation about two people who are about to meet to discuss something - where they have different opinions e.g. a union representative meeting someone from a company: fundamentally different
  3. People deciding not to spend money on something, e.g. renting an expensive apartment or going on a luxury cruise holiday: prohibitively expensive
  4. A TV or radio programme about a famous person, for example a great rock guitarist or a political leader: greatly admired
  5. Someone listing a number of jobs, perhaps in a discussion on career choice or a radio programme about public sector jobs: predominantly female
  6. A line from a song: vitally important
  7. A sports commentator talking about a defeat. Or a political commentator talking about a defeat and how the person / people feel: bitterly disappointed
  8. Any situation where there's a choice and one thing is outstanding. e.g. deciding who wins an architectural competition: infinitely preferable