Cover of the textbook Speakout Advanced Plus - Students' Book

The key answer of exercise 5

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 5.2 - Three apples a day for the textbook Speakout Advanced Plus - Students' Book with authors Frances Eales and Steve Oakes from Pearson Education


  1. Work in pairs and match the sentences with the discussion topics in Exercise 4. Which sentences do you identify with?
  2. Look at the sentences above and answer the questions.
  3. Match the rules below with the sentences in Exercise 5A.



  1. question 3
  2. question 1
  3. question 5
  4. question 5
  5. question 4
  6. question 5


  1. 1,3,5,6
  2. 2,4
  3. Students' ideas, but here are some examples → to emphasise a particular item; to make it easier for the listener to follow due to the real-time nature of speech; to manage long noun phrases more easily, by partly separating them from the main clause; because the speaker often realises they left a detail out, and want to add it on.
  4. Spoken informal English


  1. 1, 3
  2. 5, 6
  3. 2, 4