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The key answer of exercise 2

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 5.2 - Three apples a day for the textbook Speakout Advanced Plus - Students' Book with authors Frances Eales and Steve Oakes from Pearson Education


  1. -
  2. Listen to part of a BBC radio interview with Dauxerre and tick the things she talks about.
  3. Listen again and take brief notes under the relevant headings in Exercise 2B. Compare your notes with another student.
  4. Read the sentences. Can you guess or remember which words are different from what Dauxerre actually says? Listen and correct the sentences. One sentence is already correct.



She talks about all of them except early childhood and travel.

c) Answers may vary.

  • Being discovered as a model → walking in street, preparing for A-level, shopping with mother; man walked up to her.
  • Diet → ate three apples a day to stay skinny.
  • Illness → became anorexic, went to hospital; had body of old lady, lost her hair.
  • Taking pills → took laxatives, more and more because effect wasn't strong enough.
  • Recovery → three months, doctors saved her life, had to take pills to build up weight again,
  • A law → French law forbidding overly thin girls from modelling; doesn't work.
  • The industry → it's about money, has so much power.


  1. nose (instead of face)
  2. skinny (instead of thin)
  3. anorexia (instead of illness)
  4. chicken (instead of sugar)
  5. skeleton (instead of skin)