Cover of the textbook Speakout Advanced Plus - Students' Book

The key answer of exercise 3

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 1.1 - Trailblazer for the textbook Speakout Advanced Plus - Students' Book with authors Frances Eales and Steve Oakes from Pearson Education


  1. Replace the words in bold with similar words from the article and make any necessary changes. Listen and check.
  2. Cover Exercise 3A. Complete the collocations in the box. Put them into two lists: adjectives-noun and noun-noun collocations.
  3. Listen and check. Listen again and underline the stressed words. What is the word stress rule in these collocations? Listen and repeat.



  1. had a profound impact on
  2. pioneer
  3. conventional wisdom
  4. hame-changing
  5. paradigm shift
  6. set in motion
  7. major breakthrough
  8. conducting pilot studies

b) - c)

Adjective-noun collocations → the stress is on the noun

  • major breakthrough
  • profound impact
  • conventional wisdom

Noun-noun collocations → the stress falls equally on both nouns

  • game-changing
  • paradigm shift
  • pilot studies