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The key to exercise solutions for the textbook Solutions Elementary - Workbook with authors Tim Falla and Paul A. Davies from Oxford University Press

IC - Talking about ability and asking for permission

1B - Present simple (affirmative)

1D - Present simple (negative and interrogative)

1F - Sibling rivalry

1G - Describing people

2D - Adverbs for frequency; question words

3D - Contrast: present simple and present continuous

3F - Teenage pressures

4B - there is / there are; some and any

4D - how much / how many, much / many / a lot of, a few / a little

5E - Words that go together

5G - Asking for and giving directions

6B - Past simple (affirmative): regular

6E - Prepositions of movements and place

6F - Stranger than fiction?

7B - Past simple (affirmative): irregular

7C - Listening to instructions

7D - Past simple (negative and interrogative)

7E - Introduction to phrasal verbs

7F - Say no to cyberbullying

8F - Against the odds

8H - An informal letter

9B - Present perfect (affirmative)

9D - Present perfect (negative and interrogative)

9F - In the middle of nowhere

9G - Photo comparison

Cumulative Review 1 (Units I-1)

Cumulative Review 2 (Units I-3)

Cumulative Review 3 (Units I-5)

Cumulative Review 4 (Units I-7)

Cumulative Review 5 (Units I-9)