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The key to exercise solutions for the textbook Solutions Advanced - Workbook with authors Tim Falla and Paul A. Davies from Oxford University Press

IA - Past simple and present perfect

ID - Talking about the future

1F - Bad beginnings

2C - Investigative journalism

2D - Inversion of subject and verb

2F - The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins

3C - Successful business partnerships

3D - Comparative and superlative structures

3E - Metaphors and similes

4B - Compound future tenses

4F - How time changes us

4H - Letter to an editor

5F - 'Why?' 'Because it's there!'

5G - Photo comparison

5H - For and against essay

6B - Relative clauses and reduced relative clauses

6D - Modal verbs: speculation

6F - I have a dream

7D - Talking about ability

7F - Time traveller

8D - whatever, whoever, whenever, whichever, wherever and however

8E - Productive prefixes and suffixes

8F - Trade secrets

8H - Discursive essay

9D - Advanced uses of the infinitive

9E - Collocations with common verbs

Cumulative Review 1 (Units I-1)

Cumulative Review 2 (Units I-3)

Cumulative Review 3 (Units I-5)

Cumulative Review 4 (Units I-7)

Cumulative Review 5 (Units I-9)