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The key answer of exercise 3

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 8e - Speaking skills for the textbook On Screen B2+ - Student's Book with authors Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley from Express Publishing


Work in pairs. Use the ideas below and the phrases from the language box to act out a dialogue expressing your opinion on attending a private school or a state school.


A: Have you decide which high school you are going to?

B: No, not yet. I'm thinking about going to a state school, though.

A: Are you? In my opinion, private schools are better.

B: Really? Why?

A: Well for one thing, they have modern facilities and equipment. They can afford to buy better books and supply up-to-date computers whereas at a state school students may have limited access to learning materials.

B: I'm not really sure about this. Tuition fees at private schools are very expensive and the cost of attending a state school is low.

A: That may be true, but at a private school there is a lower student-teacher class ratio than at state schools where the class sizes are much larger.

B: I suppose so, but at state schools there is a more diverse student body with kids from different backgrounds.

A: I take your point, but private schools have a more challenging curriculum.

B: I'm sorry, but I think that this only means that there is also high pressure to succeed.