Cover of the textbook On Screen B2+ - Student's Book

The key answer of exercise 2

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 5e - Speaking skills for the textbook On Screen B2+ - Student's Book with authors Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley from Express Publishing


In pairs decide what to watch on TV. Use the information in the TV guide and the language in the box to act out a dialogue similar to the one in Ex.1.


A: What do you want to watch on TV tonight?

B: Let's watch The Antique Roadshow at 6:30. I’m very fond of antique programmes.

A: That's fine by me. How about watching Emmerdale after that?

B: Soap operas aren’t my cup of tea. Let's watch the comedy Watson & Oliver on BBC2.

A: Sounds good, but that's not on till 7:30 so we can watch it after Emmerdale.

B: Hmm I don’t know. Why don’t we watch The One Show and record Emmerdale for you to watch later?

A: OK.