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The key answer of exercise 6

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 7e - Speaking skills for the textbook On Screen B1+ - Student's Book with authors Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley from Express Publishing


Read the situation. In pairs discuss.


A: Anna wants to take up a sport. Do you have any ideas?

B: How about football?

A: I'm not sure she would enjoy it.

B: How about yoga?

A: I think that would be boring. Also, it might not be easy to find a yoga class in the village.

B: It might be a good idea to take up table tennis.

A: That's something she could easily do.

B: Well, have you thought about running?

A: I suppose that would be a good idea. She could run around the lake.

B: Also, now that she lives by a lake, she could go swimming. It doesn't cost anything.

A: That's possible. She could also go kayaking. That would be something new and exciting for her.

B: Yes, but wouldn't it be expensive to buy a kayak and all the equipment?

A: I suppose you're right. What do you think about running? She could do it on her own and enjoy the scenery and the fresh air.

B: Good idea. It's great to exercise outdoors. I think that would be the best choice for her.