Cover of the textbook On Screen B1+/B2 - Student's Book

The key answer of exercise 3

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Module 5 - Crime for the textbook On Screen B1+/B2 - Student's Book with authors Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley from Express Publishing


Choose two headlines from Ex.1 and write or say a few sentences describing what happened.


  1. A masked gunman entered the Midtown Bank in Blackley on Monday morning. After ordering terrified customers to lie on the floor he forced the bank tellers to hand over all available cash. Despite the silent alarm being tripped, the gunman escaped with several thousand pounds before the police arrived.
  2. A gang of thieves broke into an art gallery in the centre of London late last night. When the alarm sounded the thieves had already managed to sun away with one of Picasso's most valuable paintings.
  3. A very famous actress pressed charges against two photographers for violating privacy and trespassing. According to the actress it isn’t the first time that pictures of the actress's house have been sold to lifestyle magazines for a large sum of money.
  4. A seventy-year old man was walking his dog in Hyde Park last night when he was attacked by a mugger. The mugger seriously injured the pensioner and sent his to hospital for £14.00.
  5. Early this morning as Jake Smith, son of millionaire Edward Smith, was waiting for the school bus a van pulled up next to him. The boy was held hostage in a small cabin in the countryside. The leader of a terrorist group called the boy's father and demanded £1 million ransom to release the boy.
  6. Due to repeated instances of graffiti at Blackhill Secondary School, the board of governors have made a startling decision. They will charge the parents at the school for the cost of removing the graffiti in the hope that vandalism will stop.