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The key answer of exercise 14

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Workbook 2 - Grammar for the textbook High Five 1 with authors Philippa Bowen e Denis Delaney from Oxford University Press


Correggi queste frasi false su Lola.


  1. Her dad isn't French. He's American.
  2. She isn't 18. She's 16.
  3. Her birthday isn't in December. It's in April.
  4. She isn't a student at Salvation College. She's a student at Red House Secondary School.
  5. Matt Damon isn't her favourite actor. Her favourite actor is Shia LaBeouf.
  6. House isn't her favourite TV show. Her favourite TV show is The X Factor.
  7. The name of her band isn't The X Factor. The name of her band is The Party Girls.
  8. Her brother and her cousin aren't in the band. Her sister and her cousin are in the band.