Cover of the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book

The key answer of exercise 6

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 9.3 - Grammar for the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book with authors Vaughan Jones and Sue Kay from Pearson Education


Write the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first using the words in capitals.


  1. Little did they know it would rain for three consecutive days.
  2. Not until the floods had died down could they estimate the costs of repairs.
  3. Not only do floods damage real estate, but many other kinds of property are destroyed as well.
  4. Only in this way did he manage to save his house from the cyclone.
  5. Only by chance were they able to escape the hurricane.
  6. No sooner had I plugged the gap than it started leaking again.
  7. Scarcely had I managed to rescue the cat when the wall collapsed.
  8. At no time have the local police shown signs of panic.