Cover of the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book

The key answer of exercise 5

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 8.3 - Grammar for the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book with authors Vaughan Jones and Sue Kay from Pearson Education


Report the sentences using the verbs in the box. Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.


  1. regretted not having been told / regretted that he hadn’t been told
  2. asked (me) if / whether I had received his email
  3. urged us to keep them up to date on any news
  4. threatened to tell her (if I didn’t) / threatened that he would tell her (if I didn’t)
  5. denied having misled her / denied misleading her / denied that he had misled her
  6. advised me to send him an SMS/advised me that I ought to send him an SMS
  7. congratulated us on being accepted on the programme