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The key answer of exercise 5

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 6.7 - Writing for the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book with authors Vaughan Jones and Sue Kay from Pearson Education


In pairs, put the notes from a report on Shanghai into a logic order. Then expand them into full sentences. Use the WRITING FOCUS to help you.


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  9. This report sets out to give information about Shanghai as part of the Cities of the World Project.
  10. I was assigned to canvas the opinions of students who had visited the city.
  11. The majority of these had spent time in the city during their gap year travels, although some had been there as part of an exchange programme.
  12. All those interviewed agreed it was a vibrant and exciting place to visit.
  13. Some cited the combination of the old and the new as major draws.
  14. However according to some of those interviewed the number of people can make it difficult to get around.
  15. I would suggest that prospective visitors (should) research the best time of year to visit in order to avoid crowds.
  16. Given the above, this fascinating city should be high on the list of cities to visit, both because of its history and its current position as a centre for international trade.