Cover of the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book

The key answer of exercise 3

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 3.7 - Writing for the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book with authors Vaughan Jones and Sue Kay from Pearson Education


Read the proposal and answer the questions.


  1. Food and eating facilities are unsatisfactory.
  2. Food in the canteen is of poor quality and does not meet nutritional standards. The canteen is dark and unwelcoming. Students need to queue.
  3. Students buy unhealthy food in nearby shops.
  4. Policies should be adopted to regulate which foods can be served at school (fresh food available in the canteen, only snacks low in fat / sugar / salt available in the shop). The canteen should be made more attractive.
  5. Students will be more likely to eat in the canteen and choose healthy food. They will help them concentrate in class.
  6. They will improve students' lives.