Cover of the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book

The key answer of exercise 5

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 2.7 - Writing for the textbook Focus 5 - Student's Book with authors Vaughan Jones and Sue Kay from Pearson Education


Replace the underlined parts of the sentences below with the more informal phrases in purple in the article. Make any other changes necessary.


  1. The cost of higher education is going through the roof.
  2. Volunteering or doing internships can help you to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Graduates leave university saddle with debt.
  4. With a degree, the world's your oyster.
  5. The odds of finding a good job after graduating are uncertain.
  6. Many employees value work experience over a degree.
  7. University is massively character building.
  8. Many young people wonder if spending a lot on university is worth their while.