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The key answer of exercise 6

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 2.5 - Grammar for the textbook Focus 4 - Student's Book with authors Kay Sue, Jones Vaughan, Brayshaw Daniel and Beata Trapnell from Pearson Education


Rewrite the sentences using reduced relative clauses. Then tick the statements you agree with.


  1. Siblings sharing a bedroom tend to be less selfish.
  2. Children brought up as the baby of the family are often fussy eaters.
  3. First-borns, accustomed to accepting rules, are better behaved at school.
  4. Middle-born children, growing up with a younger and older sibling, can be argumentative.
  5. Only children spending a lot of time alone tend to be very creative.
  6. The youngest child, used to being the centre of attention, usually has a good sense of humour.