Cover of the textbook Focus 2 - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 3

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 1.2 - Grammar for the textbook Focus 2 - Workbook with authors Daniel Brayshaw and Bartosz Michalowski from Pearson Education


Read the sentences and complete the questions about the subject and the object.


  1. b) What has Emma eaten?
  2. a) Who's living in London?; b) Where are Lawrence and Lucy living?
  3. a) Who reads about running (marathons)?; b) What does Ray read about?
  4. a) Who has chosen chips (for lunch)?; b) What has Charles chosen (for lunch)?
  5. a) Who is helping Harry?; b) Who is Helen helping?
  6. a) Who feels fantastic?; b) How does Freddie feel?
  7. a) Who is on holiday in Hawaii?; b) Where is Harriet on holiday?
  8. a) Who works with Wendy?; b) Who does William work with?