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The key answer of exercise 7

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 4.7 - Writing for the textbook Focus 2 - Student's Book with authors Daniel Brayshaw, Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones from Pearson Education


Put the sentences in order to make a story.


  1. Last summer I was on holiday in the countryside with my best friend, Jake.
  2. The weather was fantastic and we went hiking.
  3. After walking for three hours, we stopped for lunch.
  4. We were having lunch when suddenly, the weather changed.
  5. It got dark and started to rain heavily.
  6. We hid under a big tree and waited for the rain to stop.
  7. It finally did, but we were completely wet.
  8. We couldn’t wait to get back and have some warm tea and dry clothes.
  9. I will never go hiking again without checking the weather forecast first!