Cover of the textbook Focus 1 - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 5

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 6.3 - Listening language practice for the textbook Focus 1 - Workbook with authors Fricker Rod and Michalowski Bartosz from Pearson Education


Put the words in order to make phrases. Then complete the conversations. There is one extra phrase in each group.


Conversation A:

  1. I hate
  2. I enjoy
  3. I don't care about
  4. I prefer
  5. Are you into

  1. I hate
  2. I prefer
  3. I enjoy

Conversation B:

  1. I don't care about
  2. I'm not into
  3. I prefer
  4. I can't stand

  1. I can't stand
  2. I don't care about
  3. I'm not into