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The key answer of exercise 2

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 0.8 - Times and dates for the textbook Focus 1 - Workbook with authors Fricker Rod and Michalowski Bartosz from Pearson Education


Write the times and dates in words.


  1. a) It's (a) quarter past nine on the; b) fifth of; c) March
  2. a) It's (a) quarter to twelve on the; b) seventh of; c) July
  3. a) It's twenty-five past ten on the; b) fifteenth of; c) November
  4. a) It's twenty-five to nine on the; b) twenty-first of; c) June
  5. a) It's ten past six on the; b) thirtieth of; c) January
  6. a) It's ten to five on the; b) twenty-second of; c) April