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The key answer of exercise 5

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 2.1 - Vocabulary for the textbook Focus 1 - Student's Book with authors Patricia Reilly, Marta Umińska, Bartosz Michałowski and Rod Fricker from Pearson Education


Do you remember whose shopping list it is? Write D for Debbie, S for Sylvia or C for Chris. Then listen again and check.


  • a bag of onions S
  • a bar of chocolate S
  • a bottle of oil S
  • a carton of eggs D
  • a carton of orange juice D
  • a jar of mayonnaise C
  • a jar of tomato sauce S
  • a loaf of bread C
  • a packet of cornflakes D
  • a packet of spaghetti S
  • a tin of tuna C
  • two cartons of milk D
  • two packets of crisps C
  • a tub of ice cream D