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The key answer of exercise 6

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 0.2 - I'm from ... for the textbook Focus 1 - Student's Book with authors Patricia Reilly, Marta Umińska, Bartosz Michałowski and Rod Fricker from Pearson Education


Ask and answer in pairs. Use the nationalities in the box.


  1. What nationality is Penelope Cruz? She's Spanish.
  2. What nationality is Paolo Coelho? He's Brazilian.
  3. What nationality is Cristiano Ronaldo? He's Portuguese.
  4. What nationality is Angela Merkel? She's German.
  5. What nationality is Garry Kasparov? He's Russian.
  6. What nationality is Roger Federer? He's Swiss.
  7. What nationality are Dakota and Elle Fanning? They're American.