Cover of the textbook English Grammar in Use

The key answer of exercise 119.4

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Unit 119 - during / for / while for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Use your own ideas to complete these sentences.


  1. I fell asleep while I was watching TV.
  2. I fell asleep during the movie.
  3. Can you wait for me while I make a quick phone call?
  4. Most of the students looked bored during the lesson.
  5. I was asked a lot of questions during the interview.
  6. Don’t open the car door while the car is moving.
  7. The lights suddenly went out while we were watching TV.
  8. What are you going to do while you’re on holiday?
  9. It started to rain during the game.
  10. It started to rain while we were walking home.