Cover of the textbook English Grammar in Use

The key answer of exercise 111.1

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Unit 111 - still / anymore / yet / already for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Compare what Paul said a few years ago with what he says now. Some things are the same as

before and some things have changed. Write sentences with still and any more.

Now write three sentences about Paul using no longer.


  1. He still travels a lot.
  2. He doesn’t work in a shop any more.
  3. He doesn’t write poems any more.
  4. He still wants to be a teacher.
  5. He's not interested in politics any more.
  6. He’s still single.
  7. He doesn’t go fishing any more.
  8. He doesn’t have a beard any more. / He hasn’t got a beard any more.
  9. He no longer works in a shop.
  10. He no longer writes poems.
  11. He’s no longer interested in politics.
  12. He no longer goes fishing. / He no longer has a beard. / He’s no longer got a beard.