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The key answer of exercise 8

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Additional exercises for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Put the verb into the most suitable form.


  1. invented
  2. it’s gone / it has gone
  3. had gone; left
  4. did you do; Did you go
  5. have you had
  6. was looking / ’d been looking / had been looking
  7. She’s been teaching / She has been teaching
  8. bought; she hasn’t worn / she didn’t wear
  9. I met; was; I’d seen / I had seen; I remembered; he was
  10. Have you heard; She was; died; She wrote; I haven’t read
  11. does this word mean; I’ve never seen
  12. Did you get; it had already started
  13. knocked; was; she’d gone / she had gone; she didn’t want
  14. He’d never used / He had never used; he didn’t know
  15. went; She needed / She’d needed / She had needed; she’d been sitting / she had been sitting