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The key answer of exercise 27

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Additional exercises for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Make sentences from the words in brackets.


  1. I seem to have lost them.
  2. It’s not worth taking a taxi.
  3. I don’t fancy going out.
  4. He tends to forget things.
  5. Would you mind helping me? / Do you mind helping me?
  6. Everybody seems to have gone out.
  7. We’re / We are thinking of moving.
  8. I was afraid to touch it.
  9. I was afraid of missing my train.
  10. It’s / It is not worth seeing.
  11. I’m not used to walking so far.
  12. She seems to be enjoying herself. / She seemed …
  13. He insisted on showing them to me.
  14. I’d rather somebody else did it.