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The key answer of exercise 25

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Additional exercises for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Complete the sentences using reported speech.


  1. if she could speak to Paul; her (that) Paul had gone out;  I didn’t know when he’d be back;  (her) if/whether she wanted to leave a message;  (that) she’d try again
  2. me (that) they had no record of a reservation in my name; (them) if/whether they had any rooms free anyway;  (that) they were sorry;  the hotel was full
  3. why we were visiting the country; him (that) we were on holiday; how long we intended to stay; where we would be staying during our visit
  4.  (that) she’d phone us from the airport when she arrived / (that) she’ll phone us from the airport when she arrives; to come to the airport; she’d take the bus / she’ll take the bus
  5. what my job was;  (me) how much I earned / what my job is;  (me) how much I earn;  him to mind his own business
  6. (that) he’d be at the restaurant at 7.30; (that) he knew where the restaurant was;  him to phone me if there was a problem
  7.  (that) you weren’t hungry;  (that) you didn’t like bananas; me not to buy any