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The key answer of exercise 24

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Additional exercises for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Read these newspaper reports and put the verbs into the most suitable form.


Castle Fire

  1. was damaged
  2. was discovered
  3. was injured
  4. be rescued
  5. are believed to have been destroyed
  6. is not known

Shop Robbery

  1. was forced
  2. being threatened
  3. had been stolen
  4. was later found
  5. had been abandoned
  6. has been arrested / was arrested
  7. is still being questioned

Road Delays

  1. is being resurfaced
  2. are asked / are being asked / have been asked
  3. is expected
  4. will be closed / is going to be closed
  5. will be diverted / is going to be diverted


  1. was taken
  2. was allowed
  3. was blocked
  4. be diverted
  5. have been killed