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The key answer of exercise 81.1

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Unit 81 - -'s and of ... for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


In some of these sentences, it would be more natural to use -’s or -’. Change the underlined parts where necessary.


  1. OK
  2. Chris' children
  3. your friend's umbrella
  4. OK
  5. Charles' daughter
  6. Helen and Dan's son
  7. OK
  8. last Monday's newspaper
  9. OK
  10. OK
  11. Your children's friends
  12. Our neighbours’ garden
  13. OK
  14. David's hair
  15. Katherine's party
  16. OK
  17. Mike's parents' car
  18. OK
  19. OK / the government's economic policy