Cover of the textbook English Grammar in Use

The key answer of exercise 29.1

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Unit 29 - May and might 1 for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Write these sentences in a different way using might.


  1. She might be in her office.
  2. She might be busy.
  3. She might be working.
  4. She might want to be alone.
  5. She might have been ill yesterday.
  6. She might have gone home early.
  7. She might have had to go home early. 
  8. She might have been working yesterday .
  9. She might not want to see me.
  10. She might not be working today.
  11. She might not have been feeling well yesterday. 

You can use may instead of might in all these sentences.