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The key answer of exercise 6

The key to exercise solutions in chapter Additional exercises for the textbook English Grammar in Use with authors Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press


Make sentences from the words in brackets. Put the verb into the correct form: present perfect (I have done), present perfect continuous (I have bein doing), past perfect (I had done) or past perfect continuous (I had been doing).


  1. She has been running.
  2. Somebody has taken it.
  3. They'd only known each other (for) a few weeks.
  4. It’s been raining all day. / It's rained all day.
  5. I'd been dreaming.
  6. I'd had a big breakfast.
  7. They've been going there for years.
  8. I've had it since I got up.
  9. He's been training very hard for it.