Cover of the textbook English File Upper-Intermediate - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 1

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 2B - Act your age for the textbook English File Upper-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Kate Chomacki from Oxford University Press


  1. Complete the sentences with the noun form of the adjectives in the list.
  2. Complete the sentences with the + adjective.
  3. Right (✓) or wrong (✗)? Correct the mistakes in the highlighted phrases.
  4. Write each pair of sentences as one sentence.



  1. the elderly
  2. the unemployed
  3. the injured
  4. the disabled
  5. the rich
  6. the blind
  7. The young
  8. The deaf


  1. The Irish
  2. The Japanese
  3. The Chinese
  4. The Swiss
  5. The Portuguese
  6. The English
  7. The Scottish
  8. The French


  1. a short denim skirt
  2. white leather trousers
  3. scruffy old jeans
  4. his new grey Armani suit
  5. some trendy purple glasses


  1. My grandparents live in a big old Victorian house.
  2. I met an interesting French woman at the party.
  3. My sister has lovely long black hair.
  4. Ava’s just bought an expensive striped silk top.
  5. There’s a beautiful round wooden table in my friend’s kitchen.
  6. Max gave his girlfriend an unusual gold ring for her birthday.
  7. My boss drives a powerful red Italian sports car.
  8. We’ve been having some awful wet weather recently.