Cover of the textbook English File Upper-Intermediate - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 1

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 1A - Questions and answers for the textbook English File Upper-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Kate Chomacki from Oxford University Press


  1. Right (✓) or wrong (✗)? correct the mistakes in the highlighted phrases.
  2. Complete the indirect questions and sentences.
  3. Write the questions.
  4. Write questions to ask at a job interview. Use a different phrase to begin each question.



  1. Have you ever been
  2. Where do you usually go
  3. What happened
  4. Whose jacket did you borrow
  5. Should we go now
  6. Who are you waiting for


  1. Michael would like this wallet
  2. where the lift is
  3. where we parked the car
  4. if these are any tickets left for the concert tonight
  5. what time the match starts
  6. when Sally's birthday is
  7. what Jamie does for a living
  8. where Natalie lives
  9. what Ava's boyfriend's name is
  10. how much you paid for your new car


  1. How long did you spend in Brazil last summer?
  2. Who cooks in your family?
  3. When did your brother pass his driving test?
  4. Do you know who is going to the party tonight?
  5. Who is the manager talking to now?
  6. Who ate the chocolates I left in the cupboard?
  7. Why didn't you come to school yesterday?
  8. Do you remember what time the meeting was?


  1. What is the offered salary for this position?
  2. Could you provide information about the holiday entitlement for employees?
  3. Can you outline the typical working hours for this role?
  4. How often is overtime required, and is it compensated accordingly?
  5. Is there any expected travel associated with this position?
  6. Do employees wear a uniform, and if so, what does it consist of?
  7. Is there designated parking space available for employees?
  8. Are there any provisions or arrangements for lunch breaks for employees?