Cover of the textbook English File Pre-Intermediate - Workbook

Textbook answers for English File Pre-Intermediate - Workbook

The key to exercise solutions for the textbook English File Pre-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Jerry Lambert from Oxford University Press

1A - Are you? Can you? Do you? Did you?

1B - The perfect date?

1C - The Remake Project

Practical English - Episode 1 - Hotel problems

2A - OMG! Where's my passport?

2B - That's me in the picture!

2C - One dark October evening

3B - Put it in your calendar!

Practical English - Episode 2 - Restaurant problems

4A - Who does what?

4B - In your basket

5A - I want it NOW!

5B - Twelve lost wallets

5C - How much is enough?

Practical English - Episode 3 - The wrong shoes

6A - Think positive - or negative?

6B - I'll always love you

6C - The meaning of dreaming

7A - First day nerves

7B - Happiness is...

7C - Could you pass the test?

Practical English - Episode 4 - At the pharmacy

8A - Should I stay or should I go?

8C - Who is Vivienne?

9A - Beware of the dog

Practical English - Episode 5 - Getting around

10C - International inventions

11A - Ask the teacher

11B - Help! I can't decide!

11C -

Practical English - Episode 6 - Time to go home

12A - Unbelievable!

12B - Think before you speak

12C - The English File quiz