Cover of the textbook English File Beginner - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 2

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 11A - A new life in the USA for the textbook English File Beginner - Workbook with authors Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Jerry Lambert from Oxford University Press


  1. Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verb in brackets.
  2. Write negative (-) sentences. Use the words in brackets.
  3. Re-order the words to make questions.



  1. walked
  2. arrived
  3. started
  4. stopped
  5. cried
  6. liked


  1. Robert didn't talk to Tony.
  2. Clara didn’t arrive last night.
  3. They didn’t open the window.
  4. John didn't look at his watch.
  5. We didn't travel by taxi.
  6. The film didn’t start at 7.50.
  7. Max didn’t cook meat for dinner.
  8. Selena didn’t book a ticket to Barcelona.


  1. Where did you study French
  2. Did you walk to school yesterday
  3. When did you arrive in Spain
  4. Where did you work last year
  5. Did Joe close the door
  6. What did you study yesterday
  7. Did they talk to the teacher
  8. What time did your class start
  9. Did you help Eva with her homework
  10. When did you decide to study economics