Cover of the textbook English File Beginner - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 1

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 10B - Where were you? for the textbook English File Beginner - Workbook with authors Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Jerry Lambert from Oxford University Press


  1. Rewrite the sentences in the past.
  2. Write questions and answers.
  3. Complete the conversations with was / wasn’t or were / weren't.



  1. I was at work
  2. They weren’t at home
  3. He was at a restaurant
  4. We weren’t at school
  5. Were you at work
  6. She was at the airport
  7. Was he late
  8. I wasn’t in a hurry
  9. She wasn’t in a hotel
  10. We were in a café with fringes


  1. Was Picasso a painter? Yes, he was.
  2. Were the Beatles from the United States? No, they weren’t.
  3. Was Amy Winehouse American? No, she wasn’t.
  4. Were Charles Dickens and Jane Austen writers? Yes, they were.
  5. Was Carmen Miranda Brazilian? Yes, she was.
  6. Were Monet and Matisse musicians? No, they weren’t.
  7. Was Michelangelo a musician? No, he wasn’t.
  8. Were Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison American? Yes, they were.


  1. Were; was
  2. were; was
  3. Was; wasn’t
  4. Were; weren't
  5. was; was
  6. Were; weren't