Cover of the textbook Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 9

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 10 - Media for the textbook Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Jane Comyns Carr, Frances Eales and Damian Williams from Pearson Education


Put a word from the box into the correct place in each sentence to make phrases with speak or talk.


  1. After six hours, there has been very little progress in the peace talks between the two sides.
  2. Is that Frank? You're on Eastern Suburbs Talk Radio - what's your question for the team?
  3. I've never met Stephanie, but Robert's always spoken very well of her.
  4. What's worrying you, Todd? Come on, you're not usually afraid to speak your mind.
  5. Are you and Paula on speaking terms again yet?
  6. I bought her some flowers as a way of saying sorry. After all, 'Actions speak louder than words,' as they say.
  7. Jon certainly knows what he's talking about when it comes to choosing a new laptop.
  8. You'll have to speak up when you're giving your presentation - it's a very big room.
  9. I'm sorry to talk shop at the weekend, but I need to ask you about the Freeman report.
  10. At 9.30 we're showing IT's new talk show, hosted by comedian Dean Skinner.
  11. I wasn't talking to myself, I was using the earpiece on my mobile phone - look!
  12. The national lottery scandal is a real talking point all over the country at the moment.
  13. Do we have to go to the party? You know I hate making small talk with Annie and Jeff's friends.