Cover of the textbook Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 14

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 05 - Face to face for the textbook Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Jane Comyns Carr, Frances Eales and Damian Williams from Pearson Education


Rearrange the words to make responses, then use them to complete the conversations below. The first word of each response is underlined.


  1. When would be a good time to call? - a
  2. I left a message (earlier) about my flight to Madrid (earlier). - b
  3. Sorry - you're breaking up. - f
  4. I'll have to put you through to another department. - d
  5. Sorry, am I calling at a bad time? - g
  6. Could you speak up a bit, please? - j
  7. thanks for getting back to me, Jude. - c
  8. If you'll just bear with me, l'll ask my boss. - i
  9. Can I just confirm your name and postcode? - h
  10. it's regarding your son's behaviour at school. - e