Cover of the textbook Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 9

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 04 - Special days for the textbook Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor and Anthony Cosgrove from Pearson Education


Look at the family calendar for next week. Write sentences about the four family members, like this.


  • Steve isn't working on Monday.
  • He's playing squash with Andy at 10:30.
  • He's going to Manchester for the day on Tuesday.
  • He's catching the train at 6:45.
  • Judy's working on Monday and Wednesday.
  • She's meeting Alison for lunch on Friday at one o'clock.
  • Steve and Judy are going to the cinema on Thursday.
  • Steve's mum is coming to babysit.
  • Oliver's playing football on Tuesday at four o'clock.
  • He's going to Tom's house on Wednesday after school.
  • Florence is going swimming on Monday.
  • Oliver and Florence are meeting their cousins in the park at 2:30 on Friday.
  • The whole family is having lunch with the grandparents at twelve o'clock on Sunday.