Cover of the textbook Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate - Workbook

The key answer of exercise 8

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 01 - Leisure and sport for the textbook Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate - Workbook with authors Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor and Anthony Cosgrove from Pearson Education


  1. -
  2. Correct the sentences about the Wilson sisters.
  3. Write the questions for the answers below.



  1. They don’t have very similar lives. They have very different lives.
  2. They don’t live in the same country. They live in different countries.
  3. She doesn’t live in Beverly Hills. She lives in London.
  4. She doesn’t work in the evening. She works in the morning.
  5. She doesn’t play golf. She plays tennis.
  6. She doesn’t live with her mother. She lives with her husband (, Ron).
  7. She doesn’t stay in a hotel. She stays with her sister.
  8. They don’t see each other every weekend. They see each other two or three times a year.


  1. Where does Jennifer Wilson live?
  2. What time does she get up?
  3. What time does she finish work?
  4. Where does Rosemary Wilson live?
  5. How often does she come to England?
  6. Why does she come to England?
  7. Who does she stay with? / Where does she stay?