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The key answer of exercise 10

The key to exercise solutions in chapter 08 - Social life for the textbook Cutting Edge Intermediate - Workbook with authors Jane Comyns, Frances Eales and Damian Williams from Pearson Education


Correct the wrong word in each sentence.


  1. As soon as they met again they hugged each other.
  2. The company representative insisted on paying for lunch.
  3. No, we're just friends, we didn't go out on a date or anything like that.
  4. You live near me so I'll pick you up on the way, if you want.
  5. I'm afraid I'll have to refuse your kind invitation. I'll be holiday.
  6. Little Johnny! Come and kiss grandma on both cheeks!
  7. It's not safe for you to walk round here at night. Don't worry, I'll take you home.
  8. Ronnie's so mean. He never even offers to pay when we go out.
  9. Did you hear about that footballer who refused to shake hands before the game?
  10. You don't have to pay just because you're a man. Let's share the bill.